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The OSG Approach“OSG has met and exceeded expectations in providing our company and leasing customers with unparalleled level of service.”

Our approach is simple; we see each client engagement as a true partnership. We ensure that we are able to provide true value-added services by assessing each client’s particular needs and then creating a solution that is specifically designed for that individual client.

Our clients are outsourcing for a reason. They do not want to tie up their resources dealing with tax laws, deadlines, etc. that take away from their core business.

At OSG, we view ourselves as your complete tax department without the headaches, overhead or expense associated with internally handling such tasks within your company. The high level of consulting expertise we bring to each engagement ensures each client gets more than what we promise in our agreement…. In other words, they get a true tax department comprised of professionals tax experts.

Once a client begins working with OSG, a timeline of deliverables and expectations are developed. After a preliminary timeline of deliverables is created, the OSG team meets with the client to discuss those deliverables and timelines and to obtain additional information that will further enhance how OSG can add value to the engagement. OSG staff and management maintain continual contact with the client to ensure that all his/her needs are met and that any issues are resolved expeditiously.

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Minimize your corporate tax liabilities.

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