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The OSG Process

The first element of the OSG Tax Advantage is Process. This concept refers to how we systematically approach all projects to ensure that our clients are able to minimize their tax liabilities while improving their profitability and efficient allocation of resources.

OSG Integrated Tax Solutions

Our process consists of:
  1. Documentation Review  
    Identify potential issues; ascertain probability of
    success; determine recovery opportunities and estimate time requirements.
  2. Research & Investigation
    Utilize property tax laws; appraisal valuation approaches;
    prior court case findings; Revenue and Taxation Code;
    industry treatises and other information sources.
  3. Collaborative Evaluation
    Analyze all necessary information to determine the overall approach, probability of success and time requirements.
  4. Strategy Implementation
    Execute the recommended course of action deemed in the best interest of your company.
  5. Re-evaluation & Assessment
    We continually re-evaluate and asses your tax liabilities due to the extensive and ever changing tax compliance requirements to your business.

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