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Case Studies:  Tax Minimization & Recovery
Business Personal Property Tax

Knowledge and Experience Helps Manufacturing Company
Save 47% in Tax Liabilities

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Industry:  Manufacturing
Client Profile:  Lubricant Manufacturer

The Challenge
A Lubricant Manufacturer prepared and filed their Business Personal Property tax return. The assessors’ office mailed the company a valuation notice in a timely and proper fashion, however, the assessed value stated on the valuation notice was grossly overstated and did not reflect the market value of the assets reported by the company. The company, unaware of how the value appeal process worked, did not file a formal appeal prior to the statutory appeal deadline. OSG identified the problem and provided a strategy for correcting the company' s tax liability.

The Solution
OSG determined that the company would qualify for a special motion detailed in the states tax code, which would allow OSG to reduce the company’s assessed value although the standard appeal process was no longer available. OSG filed the motion on behalf of the client and immediately began value negotiations with the assessors’ office. Based on industry knowledge and expertise, OSG negotiated a method to categorize and value the company’s inventory and fixed assets.

The Results
OSG reduced the company’s tax liability by approximately 47%. As an on-going OSG client, this organization can be sure that their tax liabilities will be carefully managed each year.

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