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Case Studies:  Tax Minimization & Recovery
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Knowledge and Persistence Helps National Retailer Receive $70,000 Tax Refund

Industry:  Retail
Client Profile:  Nationwide Retailer

The Challenge
In the beginning of a service agreement between OSG and a Nationwide Retailer OSG became aware that the previous tax consulting firm which had represented the retailer had reported to numerous assessing jurisdictions the retail value of the company’s inventory, instead of the cost of the inventory. Neither the previous tax consulting firm, nor the company, were unaware of the reporting errors and the company paid taxes based upon the inflated retail value of their inventory.

The Solution
OSG without delay began contacting assessor offices. Although statutory appeal deadlines had passed, OSG filed motions on behalf of the company and was able to open the prior year tax accounts and adjust the inventory values. OSG was successful in reducing the inventory value for each store.

The Results
The Nationwide Retailer received tax refunds in excess of $70,000.

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