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Case Studies:  Tax Minimization & Recovery
Sales & Use Tax Case Study

OSG's Sales Tax Process Review Program Saves an Equipment Leasing Organization Over $160,000

Industry:  Financial
Client Profile:  Equipment Leasing Organization

The Challenge
A large equipment leasing concern approached OSG to provide OSGs Sales Tax Process Review Program to determine if their SUT filing procedures were accurate, adequate, and cost effective. The SUT filing and payment volumes had created the need for an additional FTE to process the growth in the SUT returns being filed.

The Solution
OSG implemented the OSG SUT Process Review Service to determine if the SUT filing and payment processes being utilized by the client were cost effective and were producing accurate results. Upon review of the clients processes, OSG determined that the client was performing adequately in all areas of the processing cycle, however, the client was filing 125% of the necessary SUT returns.

The Results
OSG contacted the taxing jurisdictions and reduced the clients required filing frequencies for approximately 25 taxing jurisdictions. This reduction in filing frequencies eliminated the need for the client to hire an additional FTE for the SUT compliance function. This result added approximately $160,000 to the clients bottom line over the subsequent 4 year period.

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