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Client Testimonials
"They have managed to reduce our tax liability and to free up my staff and me so we can deal with other strategic issues”   


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Client Testimonials

In their own words:

“I have been in banking for over 22 years and have been involved in the leasing industry for over 19 years. We are pleased with the work OSG has done for us. OSG was selected because we believed that they could and would deliver on their promises to us. I can say without hesitation that they have indeed delivered! They have managed to reduce our tax liability and to free up my staff and me so we can deal with other strategic issues. I have found them very responsive and willing to provide us with whatever information we reasonably need. I recommend them as a solution to your property tax administration needs.”

Ricky M., Senior Vice President
Bank Leasing

“I am pleased to write in regards to Outsourcing Solutions Group (OSG) and the personal property tax services they have provided our organization.

Last year, OSG was contracted to service the Personal Property Tax portion of a high maintenance portfolio we had inherited. This portfolio demanded an excruciating amount of time and research and needed an extraordinary level of personal property tax expertise to avoid future problems. This proactive approach saved our company leasing time and money. OSG has proven to be a hard working customer focused team, providing immediate response to all customer requests.

OSG has met and exceeded expectations in providing our company and leasing customers with unparalleled level of service. Working with OSG has been and will continue to be an enjoyable experience."

Thomas C., Chief Financial Officer
Bank Leasing

“We are a third party lease portfolio servicing company that provides the total back room for leasing companies from booking taxes to remarketing that equipment. I have worked at our company for over five years on the sales side of things and have been very involved with all the associations ELA, UAEL, EAEL, NVLA and NAELB. Being involved in all these associations, you get to hear all the good and the bad in the industry.

With the above said, I can tell you that I have heard nothing but good thins regarding Outsourcing Solutions Group (OSG). If it were not for them, companies would thing that sales and property tax was easy. They really are the cream of the crop when it comes to customer service and follow up. I should know as we currently transitioned some customers of our to OSG and one of those customers thinks they walk on water. They are not an up and coming company, they are already there!

I could see companies trying to invent a tax just to work with OSG."

Hans., Regional Sales Manger
A Lease Portfolio Service Company
“I am pleased to write on behalf of our company and the Outsourcing Solutions Group (OSG) regarding the services that they provide to the financial industry.

We recently started working with OSG in having them provide sales and property tax services to companies that did not fit our profile. They are very responsive to our needs as well as our customers needs. They have demonstrated great follow up and follow through in what we have done with them. Many of our customers have already commented on the service and the expertise that OSG provides them. They understand the tax side of the financial industry and are focused on making sure that both our company and our customers are taken care of.

We recommend OSG because it is customer focused, honest, hard working, team oriented and willing to go the extra mile."

Joe A., General Manager
A Lease Portfolio Service Company

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