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Articles & White Papers 

County Firms Lose Appeal on Personal Property Tax
by Steve Brewer

An appeals court has ruled that the Harris County Appraisal District can collect lists of taxable personal property from companies doing business in the county. The decision Thursday by a panel of the 1st Court of Appeals was a huge legal victory for the county, which said it will help guarantee that homeowners won’t pay more than their fair share of the property tax burden.

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Outsourcing...A Powerful Business Strategy

Outsourcing is the assignment of one or more business processes to an external provider who then owns, manages, and administers the selected processes based on defined and measurable performance metrics. Outsourcing is recognized as an ongoing strategy whereby a firm acquires a strategic partner.

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Tax Compliance Doesn’t Have to Be So Taxing…Outsourcing Can Give You the Edge

Minimizing property tax and sales tax administrative costs can create significant competitive advantage over your competition. Creating this advantage requires that you look objectively at your operations, assess the situation, and implement some basic controls.

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The String of Holiday Lights & Property Taxes

Have you ever put up outdoor holiday lights during the holiday season? Ever had them NOT get tangled? Property taxes are a lot like those strands of holiday lights. It only takes one small mistake to set off a string of events that will consume more time and money than you care to imagine.

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