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Outsourcing...A Powerful Business Strategy

Outsourcing is the assignment of one or more business processes to an external provider who then owns, manages, and administers the selected processes based on defined and measurable performance metrics. Outsourcing is recognized as an ongoing strategy whereby a firm acquires a strategic partner.

Traditionally, outsourcing was used for narrow, low-risk processes, such as data entry, payroll, and mailing. Today, outsourcing is successfully utilized for more strategic business functions, such as financial management, customer service, and human resource management. This tendency represents a fundamental shift in the way companies operate to remain competitive.

Under the old outsourcing model, relationships are usually put together in haste. The outsourcer takes over a distressed situation in which service levels cannot easily be identified and agreed upon. Consequently, very few meaningful performance measures are ever defined. The result is a poorly understood relationship in which both parties blame each other for increasing levels of nonperformance. The relationship often becomes a win/lose battle where the client seeks to reduce to outsourcer’s profits, and the outsourcer seeks to maximize its profit structure in opposition to the client.

A more desirable model is one where the client looks at the outsourcer as a long-term asset that is a source of ongoing value to the company. As an asset and an investment, time and resources are dedicated to managing the relationship and maximizing its value.

The rate of change in business today has increased the need for competent and comprehensive state and local tax solutions. Many strategic benefits will be realized from outsourcing to OSG:

Avoid the cost of building, training, and maintaining a state and local tax staff: Outsourcing to OSG gives you direct access to CPAs, highly skilled state and local tax experts, information technology specialist, and support staff with extensive hands-on experience in state and local tax management.

Don’t tie up valuable capital in specialized state and local tax management software and personnel: Outsourcing to OSG puts state and local tax management expertise at your fingertips, without inflating payroll. Our accurate and timely reporting system ensures sound financial and management control.

Focus on your core business: Management can focus more time, energy, and resources on building the core business as OSG assumes full responsibility for managing the day-to-day back-office operations of state and local tax management.

Maintain a competitive edge: OSG enables management to focus on building a more competitive business. In addition, we provide the supporting state and local tax management systems and services to help you compete more effectively. 

Achieve revenue enhancements: By outsourcing non-core processes to OSG, management can focus on increasing sales and market share, on developing new and improved products, on expanding into new markets, and on enhancing customer service.

Achieve cost reductions: Through reengineering, process improvements, and advanced technologies, OSG eliminates unnecessary operating costs while reducing state and local tax department overhead.

Gain greater internal flexibility: Management can focus on strategic issues and important company initiatives, thereby creating more flexibility to assign staff and to allocate resources to higher-value projects.

Improve service quality: OSG organizes and manages the state and local tax management process with a view toward providing a higher level and quality of services to the customers, business units, and other users throughout your company.

Obtain outside expertise: Our firm’s top business, industry, and technical specialists provide management with valuable state and local tax guidance. OSG’s state and local tax skills will allow you to obtain extensive and focused state and local tax expertise at a fraction of the cost of ownership.

Meet changing client demands: OSG’s outsourcing teams provide management with flexible and scalable state and local tax services to meet your changing requirements and to support your future growth.

Gain access to advanced technology: OSG designs and implements leading-edge state and local tax management systems to support the business processes. We also manage the technology infrastructure with lower capital investments and training costs.

Make continuous improvements in process: OSG designs, builds, and manages the business processes for state and local tax management to operate better, faster, and at a lower cost. We will work with you to make continuous improvements in your process effectiveness and efficiency.

Achieve world-class standards/benchmarks: OSG reengineers state and local tax management business processes to incorporate the best-in-class practices. We also use performance measures and benchmarking to improve performance and costs.

Establish a valuable partnership: OSG is more than a vendor; we’re a strategic partner. Our experience with businesses has taught us to work side-by-side with our clients in secure and confidential relationships. We provide the two-way communication and dedication that are expected as part and parcel of the value-added benefits that come from an association with a firm known for its expertise in state and local tax management.

You can now redirect back-office cost-center energy to working in a more dynamic, client-focused front-office role.

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Spending more time on tax issues than your clients?

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