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OSG Tax Tips

OSG is here to be your Tax Solution resource. The information in this section is compiled from industry, State & Local as well as OSG resources to better help our clients with their tax related questions.

Sales & Use Tax Tips
  1. What creates a filing responsibility for an out-of-state company with sales to a particular state?
  2. What is the ruling on Gross Receipts of Tangible Personal Property in Kansas?
  3. I know Texas has an extension of time to file franchise tax reports. Does it also allow an extension for sales & use tax reports?
  4. How do I obtain sales-tax-exemption forms for other statesí businesses that are out-of-state-shipping vendors?
  5. Which states do NOT have a sales tax?
  6. I am looking for either answers or a research source that will help me determine when I am required to collect sales tax. Company X sells a manufactured product all over the country; however, all of the manufacturing takes place in State X. Sometimes Company X provides for the installation of the product, but it mostly contracts a third party to perform the installation, and occasionally no service for installation is required. Thus, installation of the product depends on the clients. Company X sells the product to independent clients as well as cities and universities, for example. How can I determine which states will require Company X to collect sales tax and which ones wonít?

  The information contained in this site is of a general nature and should not be acted upon in your specific situation without further details and/or professional assistance. 
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