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Payment & Billing

OSG can compliment your property tax processing cycle by producing invoices that are reflective of your clients’ share of the property tax liability. This invoicing process eliminates the need for you to invoice clients or lessees for their property tax liability. Instead, OSG can manage that process on your behalf, as well as the related cash management function associated with invoicing. When your clients remit their property tax payment to our lockbox, that has been established specifically for you, OSG can post their payments and produce accounts receivable and cash management reports to assist you in your accounting and collections efforts. Additionally, OSG can produce invoices on a daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

These invoices include customized features such as:
  • Third-party billing using invoices you already use
  • Printing frequently asked questions on invoices, thereby reducing customer questions and the time your staff requires to answer them
  • Adding sales tax to the appropriate property tax invoice
  • Includes personalized messages
  • Specifying due dates
  • Detailing multiple itemized charges
  • A priority, toll-free "800" number for our clients to call OSG

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