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Tax Rating Services

As part of state and local tax compliance services, OSG provides tax rates to facilitate the calculation of taxes related to the taxable receipts that have been reported in a specific jurisdiction. Appropriate tax rates are determined to ensure correct tax liabilities while minimizing your tax burden. Tax rates are updated monthly to ensure accuracy in collection from customers and in remittance to jurisdictions. Reports are provided to facilitate recording and analyzing of tax liabilities.

At OSG, we are able to deliver an unprecedented level of tax compliance for our leasing clients in determining the appropriate tax rate based on each piece of their equipment - offering the industry's most comprehensive and cost-effective solution available today.

Our Sales & Use Tax Rating Services Include:
  • Calculating taxes related to taxable receipts that have been reported by jurisdiction
  • Updating all applicable tax rates that are appropriate for each transaction
  • Determining the tax type that is appropriate for a given transaction (i.e., sales, use or rental)
  • Generating reports to facilitate recording and analysis of tax liabilities

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