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Leased Equipment Tax

Property tax administration for leased equipment is burdened with numerous obstacles that will divert your business recourses and steal from your bottom line. Unlike the fixed assets of your corporation that are located in the same jurisdictions year after year, leased equipment portfolios are ever changing and spread across a mosaic of taxing jurisdictions with varying regulations and timelines.

Every reporting year assets are transferred to and from taxing districts. Accurately and timely reporting these assets to the appropriate jurisdictions is a critical step to insure proper taxation and avoid costly penalties. Validating assessments and correcting jurisdiction errors is essential to effect accurate tax allocation for reimbursement. Missing a tax payment deadline will simply waste your money.

At OSG we focus on these three vital areas of tax administration every day. We anticipate and proactively manage the unique obstacles associated with leased equipment taxes. We remove the processing burden from your organization, enabling you to focus more time, energy and resources on building your core business. OSG will eliminate wasted money from eroding your bottom line.

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