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Real Property Tax

The OSG Tax Advantage is the solution for institutional, corporate and other real estate owners who are seeking to maximize the benefits of a focused and concerted property tax management program. Owners with geographically diverse portfolios can rely upon OSG to provide a consistently high level of professional representation as well as a long history of successfully dealing with assessing officials and appraisal review boards.

Our Real Estate Consulting Service provides a comprehensive analysis of the jurisdiction’s valuation information, appraisal methods, assumptions and calculations. A comparative analysis of jurisdiction information to market value indices identifies potential opportunities for valuation challenges. Our knowledge and understanding of both the substantive issues and the procedural aspects of tax appeals in each jurisdiction often mean the difference between a significant tax reduction and no relief.

The following are service level functions for our Real Estate Consulting Services:
  • Perform property inspections of subject and comparative properties
  • Review appraisal district information for accuracy and appropriateness
  • Review appraisal district valuation for consistency with similar properties
  • Review acquisition information
  • Review income and expense characteristics
  • Research comparative property sales
  • Analyze investment criteria for market segment
  • Establish market value indices for subject property
  • Provide a summary report of findings and recommendations
  • Consult with client to determine protest strategies
  • Negotiate property valuation with district appraisers
  • Represent client at protest hearings
  • Provide litigation assistance

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We leverage the latest technology to ensure your company’s long-term success.

We leverage the latest technology to ensure your company’s long-term success.

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