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Sales & Use Tax

Many factors directly impact a companyís sales & use tax liabilities. Whether itís a large or small organization, when a company operates in multiple state and local taxing jurisdictions, the complexity of its liability increases dramatically. Without daily knowledge, insight and expertise into the wide variety of tax laws and tax rates, a business will find it difficult to accurately manage its tax liabilities. OSG can help.

We provide accurate and timely tax return preparation and remittance services that are transparent to our clients. Our team will completely manage the sales & use tax compliance burden, including related jurisdictional correspondence, thereby allowing you to focus on your core business.

Here are a few ways the OSG Tax Advantage can help with sales & use tax:

Sales & Use Tax Rating Services
  • Calculate taxes related to taxable receipts
  • Providing reports to facilitate recording and analysis of tax liabilities

Sales & Use Tax Audit Services

  • Pre-audit reviews and audit defense
  • Management of the audit process
  • Recovery of overpayments
  • Audit negotiations

Sales & Use Tax Consulting Services

  • Overpayment review
  • VDA's (Voluntary Disclosure Agreement)
  • Nexus studies, letter rulings and research
  • Tax research support services
  • State and local regulatory inquiry and correspondence support
  • Updated tax rates and filing requirements
  • Financial and management reporting

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