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The Technology Advantage

Technology is a tool OSG uses to better communicate and serve our clients. By combining state-of-art stable, reliable and efficient systems with our staff of industry experts, we ensure our clients are receiving quality service 24/7.
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  Here are some of the systems we have incorporated into our daily operations to ensure that our clients are receiving the most effective and efficient care from our entire organization.

os1 is a combination of our proprietary robust hardware systems, best-of-breed software and a comprehensive, web-enabled suite of integrated accounting applications. In combination, these elements provide powerful “back room” processing so we can deliver reliable financial and management reporting to our clients.

osFrontOffice™ provides essential, integrated web-based tools that are designed around the informational needs of each client. Clients are able to access their critical data in a secured environment 24/7 using our web based informational gathering tool.

osBackOffice™ eliminates the need for investment in hardware, operating systems, databases, licenses, human resources and ongoing maintenance. Our proprietary system greatly increases your data integrity, accuracy and security, while reducing implementation issues associated with Sarbanes Oxley compliance rules and organizational change management challenges.

EPICOR is an award-winning, comprehensive accounting and financial applications package that utilizes an advanced three-tier architecture where tasks such as posting routines, reports, listings and utilities run on application servers instead of on client workstations. As a result, user productivity is increased, data security is enhanced, and performance is improved.

Property Tax Management System (PTMS)
Property Tax Management System (PTMS) automates the property tax compliance process, including allocating tax liabilities to individual assets by state and county; printing tax returns; tracking filing dates; monitoring assessments, tax bills and tax payments; and invoicing taxes to appropriate customers.

TaxSolver is a sales tax system that offers an impressive set of features and an unmatched array of capabilities to calculate sales & use tax and to produce audit trails for both management and compliance reporting. In short, it allows for significant, cost-effective improvements in automation of the tax process.
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